Specialty Pharmacy Open at ChristianaCare

Samuel Wetherill, Pharm.D., MHA

ChristianaCare has opened a specialty pharmacy to serve those who have complex medication regimens requiring close monitoring.

Many of these specialty medications, including injectable and highly perishable drugs, are not available within traditional pharmacies due to the strict requirements of pharmacist monitoring.

Specialty medications are often associated with diseases such as cancer, hemophilia, autoimmune & neurological disorders, among others. Often the patients requiring these drugs may benefit from the assistance of specialty pharmacists who can offer them individualized care and service.

Part of the patient’s care team

ChristianaCare’s specialty-trained pharmacists can assist patients directly by helping to effectively procure their medications, counseling them, and answering their questions or concerns. These pharmacists help train and educate patients on their specialty medications, then stay in contact with them throughout their care plan to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medication.

Pharmacists may contact patients’ physicians on their behalf if necessary, as an integral part of the care team. Specialty pharmacists serve in some physician offices, working with patients to ensure they understand how to take their medications, what the side effects may be, and to help address issues as they arise.

“As part of our goal of partnering with our patients and their families to help them get well and stay well, we are providing this new service as a valuable component of their care,” said Sam Wetherill, Pharm.D., MHA, MPS-SCM, vice president, Pharmacy Services.

“With expert, compassionate, one-on-one advocacy and more streamlined access to their specialty medications, our patients will achieve better health outcomes.”

The addition of ChristianaCare’s own specialty pharmacy allows patients to access their medications where their medical records are, improving the care they receive. This allows pharmacists who understand their condition to help patients manage their medications, ensuring their physician is informed and alerted about any issues the patient may have with their medications for seamless care.

Easy for patients and physicians

The specialty pharmacy simplifies the ordering process for patients and physicians.

  • ChristianaCare has contracted with many insurance carriers and can advocate for patients, assisting with prior authorization requests and helping mediate to solve financial barriers that would otherwise prevent patients from getting their medications in a timely manner.
  • The specialty pharmacy can send medications directly to patients’ homes, so they can receive their medications safely and securely.
  • Patients also may have their other non-specialty prescriptions filled through the ChristianaCare pharmacy.

ChristianaCare’s specialty pharmacy is accredited by the URAC, the leading national accrediting organization for this service.

Learn more about ChristianaCare’s specialty pharmacy.