Forbes Ranks ChristianaCare as the No. 1 Health Care Employer for Veterans in the United States

Forbes magazine has ranked ChristianaCare as the best health care employer for veterans in the United States in its fourth annual list of Best Employers for Veterans 2023.

ChristianaCare also ranked as the No. 6 employer for veterans in the nation overall.

Drew Ellefson, M.D., is medical director of ChristianaCare’s Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He served for seven years in the U.S. Army. At ChristianaCare, he is grateful for the organization’s numerous programs supporting employees who are service members and veterans.

“Veterans answer a calling in their life to serve our nation, and we are deeply appreciative that so many of them during the second half of their career choose to serve others by working at ChristianaCare,” said Christopher Cowan, MEd, FABC, chief human resources officer at ChristianaCare.

“Being recognized by Forbes as the top health care employer for veterans is another external validation that we’re doing the right thing by creating an environment where our veteran caregivers can be their authentic selves and flourish.”

ChristianaCare, Delaware’s largest private employer, has a variety of programs designed to create a supportive environment for veterans. These include SALUTES!, an employee resource group that connects veteran caregivers to bond with one another. This voluntary grassroots group of more than 100 ChristianaCare employees works to improve the experience of veteran caregivers. (ChristianaCare refers to all employees as caregivers.)

ChristianaCare Salutes! is a voluntary grassroots group of more than 100 ChristianaCare employees who work to improve the experience of veteran caregivers. Members include (from left to right): Erica Sadler of Inclusion & Diversity, Sam Wetherill of Laboratory & Pharmacy Services, Courtney Gale of IT and April Hall of Data Informatics & Analytics.

“Veterans bring skills from their military experience to our health system that improve the quality, safety and experience that our patients receive,” said Sam Wetherill, Pharm.D., MHA, MPS-SCM, vice president of Laboratory and Pharmacy Services at ChristianaCare and executive sponsor of SALUTES!

“Their traits include leadership, camaraderie with their fellow caregivers and a strong sense of pride in their work, which ultimately enable us to provide better and more equitable care,” said Wetherill, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army.

Tracy Gerry is a sign language interpreter who has worked at ChristianaCare for 14 years. She was stationed in Germany at a hospital while serving with the U.S. Army when she realized how much she enjoyed working with patients. “I still do,” she said.

ChristianaCare also offers support services to veterans through its Center for WorkLife Wellbeing, which offers programs to support all caregivers in finding joy in work, managing stress and preventing burnout.

In addition, ChristianaCare’s peer support program, Care for the Caregiver, offers confidential individual peer support and group support following stressful events at work.

ChristianaCare also has partnered with Wellthy, a support solution that helps health care workers balance work and family responsibilities.

Forbes’ Best Employers for Veterans were identified from an independent survey of more than 8,500 veterans working for companies employing more than 1,000 people.

Respondents were asked to rate their organizations on whether they would recommend their employer to friends and family. They were asked to rate their employer on criteria such as salary, company image and the presence of support systems for military families. Respondents also were asked to evaluate other companies within their respective industries.