Patients with complex medical conditions — like cancer, infertility and chronic autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and psoriasis — understand better than anyone the importance of safe, on-time receipt of their medications. Working with a specialty pharmacy can help ensure smooth delivery and connections with pharmacists to answer complex questions. ChristianaCare’s Specialty Pharmacy can help.

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The benefits of a specialty pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Benefits

Insurance approvals.

Financial assistance.

Adherence support.

In-office or virtual counseling sessions.

Ongoing clinical monitoring and follow-up.

We provide specialty medications for patients with complex health conditions and connect patients with expert pharmacists trained in each patient’s specific illness or condition.

A medication is considered “specialty” if it treats a complex or rare disease, is high cost, requires frequent patient monitoring, and/or has critical storage requirements.

To provide patients with an extra layer of confidence in our safe, high quality care, the Specialty Pharmacy is accredited by URAC.

How we help our patients — and their doctors

We help patients with insurance approvals, financial assistance, adherence support, in-office or virtual counseling sessions, ongoing clinical monitoring and follow-up for effectiveness and safety of the drug.

As an embedded clinic pharmacist in Rheumatology, I communicate with the rheumatologist about their patients’ treatment successes and concerns to bridge time between doctors’ appointments.

Great news: ChristianaCare patients can request that their specialty prescriptions be sent to our pharmacy.

This vital relationship between patient, pharmacist and doctor helps the Specialty Pharmacy’s patients navigate their medication regimens with expert care and compassion to support them.

Patients can request that their specialty prescriptions be sent to our pharmacy. For the rheumatology office in particular, we have a dedicated pharmacist and access coordinator to submit prior authorizations, provide financial assistance options, ensure clinical appropriateness, provide disease state and medication education, and provide ongoing clinical monitoring in collaboration with their rheumatologist.

98% of our patients would recommend our Specialty Pharmacy to family and friends.*

For me, it’s extremely rewarding to help a patient understand their disease and treatment, then see their improvement in pain and function through clinical monitoring or to help a patient obtain access to a potentially life-changing medication that was previously unaffordable to them.

Our patients can start their treatments faster

Our ChristianaCare Specialty Pharmacy has pharmacists embedded in our specialty clinics and access to our shared electronic medical record. This means:

  • Our clinic-dedicated access coordinators reduce the delays associated specialty medication insurance approvals and patients can start their treatments faster.
  • Our team communicates to the patient throughout the insurance approval process and are available to answer phones for questions. Patients truly appreciate the ability to call our pharmacy and speak to one of our team members without long hold times and multiple phone transfers.
  • We are able to easily coordinate delivery of the medications to our ChristianaCare office for provider-administered medications or for patients interested in an appointment with the pharmacist to learn how to self-administer their medication.

We have a great team at the ChristianaCare Specialty Pharmacy that strives for growth, improvement and support. We hear positive feedback from patients about the wonderful access assistance, communication and clinical education we provide.

We are here to help you understand your disease and treatment, assist you with access to potentially life-changing medication and share your joy at your health improvements.

To talk with a pharmacist and learn more about the primary conditions we treat, click here or call us at 833-570-2697.

*Source: Therigy STM Patient Satisfaction Scores & Survey Results –8/18/2022 –8/18/2023.