Christiana Care recognized as top-ranked hospital for community value

Christiana Care recognized as top-ranked hospital for community value

CVLA_5star_LargeChristiana Care Health System has been recognized as a nationally top-ranked Community Value Five-Star hospital by Cleverley + Associates, an independent health care data and consulting services firm in Columbus, Ohio.

Based on the firm’s analysis, Christiana Care ranks as one of the top hospitals in the United States in terms of the value it provides to the community, scoring in the top 20 percent of facilities across the country. The analysis evaluated Christiana Care among its peers in the “high-intensity teaching hospital” category.

Cleverley + Associates evaluates hospitals using a proprietary community value index to rank hospitals on 10 measures, assessing a hospital’s performance in four key areas:

  • Financial Strength Index.
  • Hospital Quality Index.
  • Hospital Charge Index.
  • Hospital Cost Index.

The index suggests that a hospital provides value to the community when it is financially viable, appropriately reinvests back into the facility, maintains a low cost structure, has reasonable charges and provides high-quality care to patients.

Cleverley + Associates released the findings about Christiana Care as part of its new publication “State of the Hospital Industry-2015 Edition.” Cleverley + Associates is in its 12th year of reporting the community value index.