Leadership Announcement Request

To support effective communication and inform our caregivers, ChristianaCare makes organization-wide and public leadership announcements of new appointments or significant new responsibilities at the following leadership levels:

  • Senior vice president.
  • Vice president.
  • Department chair.
  • Service line leader.
  • Essential services leader.
  • Director.
  • Nurse manager or equivalent position.

To submit a leadership announcement for one of the positions listed above, please complete the announcement submission form below. Additional explanation of the process is provided in the FAQ below the form. The complete process description is also available here (PDF): Leadership Announcements Process.

For all other staff announcements, leaders should inform their own teams, but an organization-wide announcement will not be generated. See here for a recommended template for use in drafting an announcement.

Organization-wide announcements are not generated when a leader receives a title change without substantial new responsibilities or reporting changes. When in doubt, the senior vice president of strategic communication and experience will determine whether these criteria are met. For clinicians who have biographical pages on ChristianaCare’s consumer website, leaders should notify their External Affairs account manager to have the bio page updated as appropriate.

See Retirements for instructions on how retirement announcements should be handled.

For examples of leadership announcements, please refer to the Appointments articles here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who should submit the announcement request?

The announcement request should be submitted by the supervisor of the newly hired or promoted leader.

Where and when will the announcement appear?

After the announcement is submitted, edited and approved, it will be published on ChristianaCare’s public ChristianaCare News website. The link to the announcement will then be shared on CaregiverConnect and ChristianaCare’s LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.

Leaders should also consider sending a personal email message to their own team and to important partners within the organization who interact directly with the person being hired or promoted. This message may include the link to the announcement.

If the announcement is a senior vice president, vice president, service line leader, essential services leader or department chair, External Affairs will issue a press release based on the announcement.

How long should an announcement be?

Announcements should be concise, and no longer than 300 words. A character limit of 2,000 characters is built into the submission form above.

What information is required for an announcement?

Announcements follow a standardized format and must include the following:

  • The name, credentials and new title of the leader.
  • A professional portrait photo of leader. (Official ChristianaCare portrait is preferred—see below.)
  • A brief description of the leader’s role and responsibilities.
  • A brief biographical description of the leader, including past roles at ChristianaCare if applicable.
  • The name, credentials and title of the person the leader reports to.

Why is a photo required for the announcement?

Because organization-wide leadership announcements at ChristianaCare are made publicly as well as internally, we require that they follow best practices for online publication and include a professional portrait photo. This ensures that they reflect positively on the organization in all contexts, including social media.

What happens after I complete and submit the announcement form?

External Affairs will copy edit the announcement, including grammar and ChristianaCare house style, and share an unpublished online draft to the supervisor of the new hire/promoted leader for approval within five business days. Once approval is received by External Affairs, the announcement will be published online within 24 hours (not including weekends).

If a new portrait photo needs to be taken, then the draft announcement will be held until the photo is ready. External Affairs will work with the leader and supervisor to schedule a portrait photo at the earliest available photo session. To reduce delays, we recommend submitting the announcement at the earliest available opportunity to allow time for photography, if needed.