Retirement Announcements

Retirement announcements may be shared via email and are not published online or on CaregiverConnect.

External Affairs will work with senior leaders individually to draft retirement announcements for senior vice presidents, vice presidents, department chairs, service line leaders and essential services leaders. These announcements may be shared by the person to whom the subject reports via email through appropriate email channels, including CEO Forum/Management Communications.

For other positions, organization-wide retirement announcements will not be made, but leaders may send e-mail announcements to their own teams if desired.

The following template may be used in writing these announcements:

Retirement Announcement Template

(Headline) Leadership Announcement: {NAME}

After {number of years} {Full name, academic degrees, professional credentials} has made the decision to retire, effective {date}.

During {his/her} years of dedicated service as {list title}, {name} {mention key accomplishments at ChristianaCare}.

Please join me in thanking {name} for {his/her} years of service and in wishing {him/her} a joyful retirement.