Announcement Template

For leadership announcements that are not being sent organization-wide, the format below is recommended. Announcements should be kept to 300 words or less. The supervisor of the newly hired or promoted person should consider sending an e-mail to the team and to important partners within the organization who interact directly with the person being hired or promoted.

E-mail subject line:

{NAME} appointed {TITLE} – or- {NAME} joins ChristianaCare as {TITLE}


{Full name, credentials} has been appointed {title} effective {date}.

In [her/his] new role, {Last Name} will {brief description of new role. {Last Name} reports to {name, title, academic degrees, professional credentials}.

{Last name} joined ChristianaCare [when]. {Brief professional biography, including key previous roles at Christiana Care and major recognition}. Immediately prior to this new role {Last Name} held the role of {title}.

{Last name} received [her/his] {degree(s)} at {name of school(s)} and {residency} at {name of health organization}. (If relevant)