Congratulations to the 2024 Excellence in Nursing Award Winners!

To honor nurses who bring their best each day, ChristianaCare’s Professional Nurse Council celebrated with the Excellence in Nursing awards at four campus-based ceremonies during Nurses Month in May. These nurses were nominated by their peers for extraordinary care and commitment to serving with love and excellence.

The awards acknowledged more than 110 outstanding nurses across ChristianaCare.

Congratulations to the 2024 Excellence in Nursing Honorees

Avenue North

Gale Bucher, HomeHealth, Nurse Leader

Jess Burt, HomeHealth, Clinical Expert

Kaelii Cunningham, HomeHealth, Clinical Nurse

Lindsey Divel, HomeHealth, Clinical Nurse

Leah Kinde, HomeHealth, Clinical Nurse

Melanie Sweeney-Smolka, HomeHealth, Clinical Nurse

Kerri Zippe, Cardiac Rehab, Clinical Expert

Cecil County Campus

Brianna Banks, ICU, Clinical Nurse

Brooke Bare, CDU, Clinical Nurse

Heather Bronersky, Cancer Program, Clinical Nurse

Kelly Dill, Family Birth Center, Clinical Nurse

Becca Dolan, CDU, Clinical Nurse

Tammi Gorman, Family Birth Center, Clinical Nurse

Maria Kopp, MSU, Clinical Nurse

Luis Perez, Float, Clinical Nurse

Lindsey Safian, Family Birth Center, Leader

Denise Simpers, Operating Room, Clinical Nurse

Marlena Tatman, SSU, Clinical Nurse

Patricia Villani, PCU, Clinical Nurse

Newark Campus

Alexxis Agostini, TSU, Clinical Nurse

Brittany Anderson, Perioperative Administration, Magnet Nurse of the Year

Lauren Barone, Cancer Research, Leader

Kristen Barrett, Labor & Delivery, Clinical Nurse

Jacqueline Bates, TSU, Clinical Expert

Antoinette Benjamin, 5D, Clinical Nurse

Deanna Benner, Acute Medicine, APRN

Ursula Boyer, Labor & Delivery, Preceptor

Brittany Boyle, MICU, Clinical Expert

Katie Brower, Endoscopy, Clinical Nurse

Chief Nurse Executive Danielle Weber, MSN, MSM, RN-BC, NEA-BC, and Senior Vice President William Bryant, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC, CNOR, congratulate Brittany Anderson, MSN, RN, CCRN, ChristianaCare’s Magnet Nurse of the Year.

Megan Campana, 3A, Clinical Expert

Chloe Charlsen, MICU, Clinical Nurse

Taylor Chew, 4D , Clinical Expert

Angela Clark, 4E, Clinical Nurse

Lindsay Clifton, TMU, Clinical Nurse

Cynthia Collado, 6E, Clinical Nurse

Gabriella Collins, Operating Room, Clinical Nurse

Capturing the celebration at the Excellence in Nursing Awards.

Danielle Coyne, 4E/5E, Educator

Caitlyn Craig, NICU, Clinical Nurse

Erin Cuomo, Float, Clinical Nurse

Jennifer Curlett, 4E, Clinical Expert

Natalie Cutler, 3A, Clinical Nurse

Barbara Dean, Per Diem, Clinical Nurse

Laura Dechant, 4E/5E, APRN

Janice Dudzinski, Labor & Delivery, Clinical Nurse

Shelby Durgin, 4B/4D, Educator

Adeyoyin Esaka, Cardiology, APRN

Sarah Finocchiario, HVIS Prep & Hold, Clinical Nurse

Ayooluwa Fisher, Postpartum, Clinical Nurse

Marlena Gastunas, Post Anesthesia, Preceptor

Janell Gibbs, 5A, Clinical Nurse

Lija Gireesh, Caregiver Health, APRN

Danielle Griffin, 6A, Clinical Nurse

Joe Hancharick, MICU, Clinical Nurse

Lauren Harrison, SCCC, Clinical Expert

Katie Hoopes, 5E, Clinical Nurse

Lindsey Hoosty, MICU, Clinical Expert

Kristen Hover, MICU, Honorable Mention Dot Fowler Award

Morgan Ivey, Emergency Department, Clinical Nurse

Monica Essick (with certificate) of ChristianaCare Primary Care at Wilmington was among the winners for outstanding clinical nursing.

Jessica Johnson, SCCC, Dot Fowler Award

Sophia Johnson, Float, Clinical Nurse

Emilie Kennedy, NCCU, Clinical Nurse

Melissa Kinnarney, SCCC, Clinical Nurse

Joana Lapinid, TSU, Clinical Expert

Amanda Latina, SCCC & TSU, Leader

Nadia Lazarczyk, SCCC, Clinical Expert

Amanda Lewicki, NICU, Clinical Nurse

Laurice Liao, 4B, Clinical Nurse

Kandy Linzy, NICU, Clinical Nurse

Grace Logemann, Float, Clinical Nurse

Robin Maguire, NICU, APRN

Ben McQuinston, 5B, Clinical Nurse

Ryan Miller, CVCCC, Leader

Eden Morgado, Medical Observation, Clinical Nurse

Chuck Moriarty, Radiology Nursing, Clinical Nurse

Paige Mouser, Postpartum, Clinical Nurse

Jennifer Noonan, CSSU, Clinical Nurse

Olasumbo Olateju, 7E, Preceptor

Kellie Oleck, Per Diem, Clinical Nurse

Nikki Recchioni, Pre-Hospital Service, Clinical Expert

Amy Robinson, SCCC, Clinical Nurse

Rachel Rossetti, 3C, Clinical Nurse

Janet Roth, 2E CVCCC, Clinical Nurse

Marlena Tatman (center) of the SSU at Union Hospital was recognized as an extraordinary clinical nurse.

Theresa Scarfo, Pediatric Care Center, Clinical Nurse

Christy Sentman, Kidney Transplant, Clinical Nurse

Abbey Sule, 4E, Clinical Nurse

Andrea Sweeny, 4E, Leader

Ashlea Tamburro, 6A, Preceptor

Jaqueline Tatman, Radiology Nursing, Clinical Expert

Briana Taylor, 3B, Clinical Nurse

Gillian Tilley, Middletown Emergency Department, Clinical Nurse

Dawn Tolley, Labor & Delivery, Clinical Nurse

Sarah Varnes, Float, Clinical Expert

Tori Williams, CCOH Infusion, Clinical Nurse

Brianna Winslow, NCCU, Clinical Nurse

Wilmington Campus

Nicole Bryant, Joint Replacement Center, Clinical Expert

Lindsay Engle, WICU, Clinical Nurse

Monica Essick, Primary Care at Wilmington, Clinical Nurse

Lexi Keller, 4W, Clinical Nurse

Ashley Kuriga, Behavioral Health, Clinical Nurse

David Lipscomb, Behavioral Health, APRN

Debbie Lykens, 8S, 4W, Surgical Nurse Residency, Educator

Kevin McCarraher, Perioperative Services, Preceptor

Cassie Mease, 8S, Clinical Nurse

Brian Perry, Behavioral Health, Clinical Nurse

Sarah Pfeffer, Emergency Department, Clinical Nurse

Justine Shockley, 6S, Clinical Nurse

Victoria Sill, Perioperative Services, Clinical Nurse

Christine Smith, 5N, Clinical Nurse

Ibelise Smith, 4N/5W, Clinical Expert

Madeline Smith, Joint Replacement Center, Clinical Nurse

Amanda Spence, Joint Replacement Center, Clinical Expert

Sharon Wooldridge, Perianesthesia, Educator

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