Sarah Black Honored With DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

Sarah Black, BSN, RN

Sarah Black, BSN, RN, a Labor & Delivery nurse at Christiana Hospital, has received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

ChristianaCare DAISY Award recipients are nurses recognized for meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of patients and families by displaying exceptional clinical skills, compassion, calm, respect and partnership.

Black was nominated by her Labor & Delivery colleague, Katie Evancho, who witnessed the extraordinary care she provides for patients on a unit that sees “the highest highs and the lowest lows.”

“Sarah is a pillar on our unit,” Evancho wrote in her nomination. “She is always willing to go the extra mile, learning new positioning techniques and helping anyone who needs it all while being positive and an amazing nurse.”

Evancho recalled a particularly busy night when the unit was full. She was excited she be working with Black, who exuded positive energy.

“Sarah jumped up and started getting excited, encouraging each of us that we would work together to deliver a load of babies! Her enthusiasm and energy were contagious, putting everyone in a great mood.”

Nursing leaders congratulate Black, “a pillar on her unit,” on her DAISY Award. Black had completed her nursing residency at ChristianaCare and is now an RNIII.

After a busy night, Black kept her promise to take a new mom to visit her baby in the NICU.

“This was truly a selfless act that gave so much love to a sick young mom,” Evancho wrote. “Sarah is the type of nurse I want to be as I grow in my career.”

The Professional Nurse Council at ChristianaCare selects DAISY Award recipients using an anonymous selection process based on nominations from patients, families and all members of the ChristianaCare team. All nurses — inpatient, outpatient and ChristianaCare HomeHealth — are eligible.