Long Coat Ceremony Welcomes ChristianaCare Residents and Fellows

Continuing a tradition of celebrating new physicians on their academic medical journey, ChristianaCare welcomed 105 residents and fellows into 27 training programs during a ceremony held June 23 on the Newark campus.
The ceremony, informally known as a long coat ceremony, is a rite of passage for residents signifying their transition from medical school to physician. Students don short coats as medical students; the long coats are meant to signify their transition to a new phase of training.

Each year, incoming residents spend a week with ChristianaCare’s Office of Academic Affairs to prepare for their new roles and understand best practices, hospital culture, system values and behaviors and the ChristianaCare Way.

During this week, residents meet with leadership from across the system. The long coat ceremony is held on the last day of that training.

We look forward to our newly minted residents in dozens of specialties donning their fresh white coats,” said Brian Levine, M.D., associate chief academic officer for ChristianaCare.

“They are now rewarded by the ability to care for those in who need it most in our community. We are honored to have our new residents and fellows and we couldn’t be more proud.”

To learn more about our residency and fellowship programs, visit our website.