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Rediscover the perfect picnic spot – your own backyard! From PB&Js to composed salads, backyard picnics can be as simple or sophisticated as you like. It feels like a special time out even when you can’t go very far. Here is what you will need:


A picnic blanket, tablecloth, bedspread or large beach towels. Alternatively, a table and chairs.


Choose a shady, flat spot. No shade? Make sure to have sunglasses, hats and plenty of sunscreen. Use bug repellent as needed.

Keep the good times rolling with these food safety tips.


Durable plates and cups, flatware and napkins.


Ice cold water or other hydrating beverages.


Choose recipes that can be prepared ahead of time, are easy to eat and can stand up to the heat. Fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and wraps and vinegar rather than mayonnaise based salads are excellent options. Use a cooler or bowls full of ice to keep food cold. Cover food to protect from flies and other pests.





Music, outdoor games and DIY popsicles for dessert!

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