Introducing ‘Wellness: A Healthy Living Blog’

Introducing ‘Wellness: A Healthy Living Blog’

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Wellness: A Healthy Living Blog is a place where doctors, nurses and other experts at Christiana Care Healthy System can share advice on health, wellness and healthy living.

Need a nutritional plan that is free from guilt? Want to build an exercise program that fits you? Looking for the basics of bone and joint health?

Find your answers on Christiana Care’s new Wellness blog.

Wellness: A Healthy Living Blog connects people with Christiana Care outside of the hospital experience. The blog is a place where Christiana Care experts talk about ways that everyone can prevent illness and live full, healthy lives. It’s also a fun, informative way for patients and families to interact with some of the doctors, nurses and staff who run the outstanding programs at Christina Care — and maybe even take the next step by making a wellness appointment.

“We believe wellness can be engaging, interesting and fun,” said Omar Khan, M.D., medical director for Community Health and the Eugene duPont Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, and a regular Wellness blogger. “As professionals engaged in the work of community health and preventive medicine, we are always looking for ways to connect with our community. This is probably some of the more creative work we do. Writing for the public brings out a different, equally important skill set. I’m proud to be part of such a talented team.”

Offering a well-rounded look at wellness, the blog covers topics that include body, mind, food, fitness, family, disease prevention and more. The bloggers represent a variety of disciplines, including physicians, nurses, psychologists and dietitians.