Halloween doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Create simple, spooky snacks with ingredients you already have on hand. You can feel good about indulging in these healthy treats sure to make children and adults smile.

Spider eggs

Top your favorite deviled egg recipe with a black olive spider. Drain and slice canned olives in two. Use one half for each body. Slice the extra halves into legs.


Banana ghosts

Use dark chocolate chips to create a spooky banana ghost! Cut bananas in half horizontally and gently press in chips to create eyes and a mouth. Alternatively, use round cereal or raisins for the eyes and mouth.


Clementine pumpkins

These tiny pumpkins are sure to please. Simply peel a clementine (or orange) and poke a small celery stick into the top to create a stem. Alternatively, create a jack o’ lantern by drawing faces on unpeeled clementines.


Cracker spiders

These adorable spiders won’t make anyone shudder. Spread two round whole wheat crackers (use any round cracker you may have on hand) with either nut butter or cream cheese. Press pretzel sticks into the bottom cracker and sandwich the two together. Use either spread to help adhere “eyes” to the top. We’ve used raisins here, but feel free to use whatever you can find in your pantry. Get creative!


Apple monsters

Apple wedges are used to create terrifying monster mouths. Cut a wedge and fill with the nut butter of your choice (or cream cheese, if allergies are a concern). Use slivered almonds to create jagged teeth. If you are avoiding nuts, try using goji berries, dried bananas or cranberries for teeth.