Madison Pritt Honored With DAISY Award

Madison Pritt, BSN, RN, of Wilmington Hospital, has received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Pritt, who works on 7S, was nominated for prompt, attentive care and comforting kindness she showed a patient recovering from surgery.

“I am not an easy patient to have. I don’t like having to ask for help. I don’t like being dependent on anyone else. Having major abdominal surgery put me in a position where I had no choice. I had to depend on my care team,” the patient wrote in the nomination letter.

“Maddie made having to ask for help seem effortless. She normalized very awkward and uncomfortable things (needing help to the bathroom). She seemed to show up before I had to ask and would offer the very things I needed (medication, water, to use the restroom). She seemed to pay attention to me, my needs and was able to accommodate me easily.”

Even before Pritt joined ChristianaCare two years ago, she was a familiar face on 7S. She volunteered on the floor as a high school student. After graduating from Delaware Technical Community College with an associate degree in nursing, she jumped at the opportunity to return.

Pritt earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Wilmington University in 2022 and plans to continue her education at the graduate level.

Considering that Pritt describes herself as “passionate about serving both my patients and co-workers,” it’s not surprising the patient said in her nomination letter that Pritt’s 12-hour shift allowed her to focus on her own recovery.

“She did not just do her nursing duties — it felt like she really cared for me. It wasn’t just that she seemed to know what I needed and would timely show up to help with it, she also was considerate, prompt and attentive.

“If she said she was bringing water or meds, she returned quickly. Every time she came into the room, she brought me something and then cleared any clutter or trash. It made me feel comfortable,” the patient wrote.

I think nurses’ jobs are tough. They have to care for people when people are not at their best. I think Maddie made a stressful experience more than tolerable — it was very therapeutic and healing.”