Jacinta Iheanacho Honored With DAISY Award

Jacinta “JC” Iheanacho, MSN, BSN, RN, of Wilmington Hospital, has received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Chief Nurse Executive Danielle Weber congratulates her Wilmington Hospital colleague Jacinta Iheanacho.

Iheanacho was nominated for the attentive care and enthusiasm she displayed when a patient needed to pass a swallow test but had been unsuccessful despite multiple attempts.

“The next day, when I arrived, JC came running into the room full of excitement,” wrote the patient’s daughter, who nominated Iheanacho.

“She then updated me that my mother had taken her meds orally and had eaten applesauce and pudding. She expressed with delight, ‘She passed the test! She took the spoon herself and she ate it!’ She was excited and happy that my mom crossed the milestone. It warmed my heart.”

The patient is a retired nurse, her daughter wrote, adding that her patients loved her because she truly cared for them with her heart.

“It is evident to me JC is the exact same type of nurse. I sent JC a personal note saying I hope she never needs a nurse, but if she does, I hope she gets one as good as herself,” the nominator wrote.

Nursing is a second career for Iheanacho, who was born in Nigeria and worked as an industrial chemist for the Michelin Tire company Nigerian Limited. After working in other health care settings, Iheanacho joined Wilmington Hospital in 2008.

The nominator shared: “I think it’s important for you to know that this member of your staff really made an impact on me and my family at one of the most difficult and sensitive times in our lives.”