Jennifer Peticacis Honored With DAISY Award

Jennifer Peticacis, BSN, RN, of Christiana Hospital, has received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Jennifer Peticacis is recognized by nursing leaders for her DAISY Award.

Peticacis was nominated for the extra kindness and attentiveness she displayed on her overnight shift, making sure her patient was comfortable after being admitted for severe preeclampsia and also supporting her patient’s husband during a scary time for both.

“She truly strived to make my wife’s time there as pleasant as possible. Jenn answered all the questions my wife had; she ensured my wife was comfortable as possible; she took the time to explain the medicines she was on and what they did; she took the time to explain what was being monitored and how to understand the graphs,” said the patient’s husband, who nominated Peticacis.

“Jenn was fantastic in making sure my wife was cared for and doing well,” the nominator wrote in his DAISY Award nomination.

“Jenn even made a point to make me feel more involved in the process and make sure I was doing OK.”

Peticacis began her nursing career at ChristianaCare after earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in 2021. She joined the Labor and Delivery Nurse Residency program in December 2021.

In his nomination letter, the patient’s husband praised Peticacis for her professionalism during a time of uncertainty for the new parents.

“Jenn, thank you for allowing my wife and I to have a pleasant experience in a moment where we weren’t sure what to expect,” he wrote.