Patricia Games Honored With ROSE Award

Medical assistant Patricia Games, who works at ChristianaCare’s Swank Center for Memory Care and Geriatric Consultation, has received the ChristianaCare ROSE Award. ROSE stands for Raising Our Standard of Excellence, recognizing outstanding partners in nursing who help deliver compassionate, excellent care to families.

Leah Kinder, BSN, RN, a nurse supervisor in ChristianaCare HomeHealth who nominated Games for the award, was impressed by the way Games helped Kinder’s mother feel at ease before her first appointment at Swank.

“She was kind, compassionate, caring, and reassuring,” Kinder wrote in her nomination. “She was willing to meet my mother where she was and set her mind at ease.

“By the time the doctor came in, my mother was much more relaxed and able to participate effectively in the assessment. Although we hadn’t known Patricia for long, she was a huge influence in our experience.”

Kinder wrote that her mother was especially nervous about her assessment and what might come from it, such as restrictions on her driving and other activities. Games quickly realized those concerns and worked to keep the mood light and Kinder’s mother at ease.

It also helped lower her blood pressure numbers, which were initially high in the office. “She took the time to help her relax and took her blood pressure again for a less stressful set of numbers.”

Games also helped Kinder’s mother feel more in control of her care.

“By the time we left, we had a list of recommendations from the physician and another appointment to come back because my mother wanted to come back,” Kinder wrote.