Lisa McCall Honored With DAISY Award

Lisa McCall of Union Hospital’s Surgical Specialty Unit, received a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for the fourth quarter.

Lisa was nominated by a patient for consistently providing care with kindness and compassion.

“I was discharged from the Surgical Specialty Unit after experiencing an illness that was new for me,” the nominator wrote. “I was not feeling well, to say the least, when I first met Lisa.

“After laying in my room in pain, I started to realize how this nurse was so caring and compassionate to my every need. When I needed something, she was there. When I had a question, she took the time to answer.

“The empathy she showed toward my somewhat embarrassing sickness was extremely commendable. Throughout my stay until the moment of discharge, she would explain every hospital situation that occurred.

“I am glad that this form was in the discharge package so I could take the time to tell someone of this extraordinary nurse. Union is lucky to have her, and I was fortunate to be on her unit.”

DAISY Award recipients are nurses recognized for meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of patients and families by displaying exceptional clinical skills, compassion, respect, and partnership.