Partnership with Master Players brings sweet music into the hospital

Live music graced the lobby of Christiana Hospital on Oct. 30, when Christiana Care and the Master Players kicked off their inaugural concert series designed to bring joy and the healing power of music into the hospital setting.

Known as Master Players @ Christiana Care, the pop-up concert series is made possible through a partnership between Christiana Care and the Master Players Concert Series from the University of Delaware.

“Music has long been associated with the healing arts,” said Drewry Nash Fennell, Esq., chief officer of Strategic Communication and Experience at Christiana Care. “From the surgeon who listens to their favorite music in the operating room, to the new mother who relies on her favorite playlist to ease the pains of labor, humans find a special power in music to comfort and heal.”

This innovative partnership aligns with Christiana Care’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to patients, families and visitors. Additionally, the music provides an opportunity to de-stress and recharge for Christiana Care’s caregivers who serve their each day with excellence and love.

The series, which runs through spring 2019, brings a rich and wide array of world-renowned musicians to Christiana Hospital as well as the University of Delaware campus. Led by Xiang Gao, an international concert artist, producer and UD Trustees Distinguished Professor of Music, the concert series will feature the Delaware debut of several artists of international acclaim.

“Since the 1800s, researchers have found the healing power of music to be highly beneficial for patients,” Gao said. “As a cultural ambassador for the University of Delaware, Master Players plays a leading role in creating the harmony between music and wellness in the local community. By partnering with Christiana Care, we’re looking to bring people together over the bond of music and to provide the healing gift of music to patients, visitors and employees alike.”

The concerts, which feature a variety of musical genres such as folk, jazz and holiday music, are free and open to hospital patients, visitors and caregivers. The next concert will be sometime in December.