When VNA home health aide Carly Wilson visited a home in Felton Aug. 6, she encountered a life-threatening event and rose to the occasion, saving a baby from possibly choking to death.

Wilson was caring for patient Jonathan Powell when the child’s mother came to her in a panic, unable to dislodge a quarter that the child swallowed and had lodged in his windpipe. Wilson sprang into action and applied the proper technique to dislodge the coin.

“Our dedicated VNA staff stays alert on their home health visits and we’re very proud of them for doing so,” said Lynn C. Jones, president, Christiana Care Home Health & Community Services Inc. and senior vice president, post-acute care services. Jones and other VNA staff members joined the Powell family in a special thank-you celebration for Wilson.

“Our home health aides are critically important members of the VNA team, who often spend the greatest amount of time with patients, and get to know them and their unique needs the best,” Jones said. “We continue to build on the types of contributions that they can make in our ongoing quest to support our patients to remain well and at home.”

At a special recognition for Demetria Bennefied, who prevented a fire at her patient’s home: Administrative Manager Ronica Chalmers; Junie Archer, patient; Demetria Bennefield, CNA; and Terry Collins, client services supervisor.

This was the second celebration in recent weeks for home health aides taking swift action to prevent an emergency. In a separate incident, home health aide Demetria “Dee” Bennefield, CNA, arrived at a patient’s home in Laurel and discovered smoke-filled rooms caused by forgotten hot dogs left burning on the stove while the cook ran an errand to a store. She quickly turned off the stove, opened windows to let out the smoke and checked on the patient, who was unharmed.

“Dee showed the presence of mind to act quickly and effectively to protect the patient and house from harm,” Jones said. “We couldn’t be happier with her actions, which show the Excellence and Love that embody our everyday Christiana Care values.”