Flag raising celebrates organ donors

Physicians, surgeons, patients, loved ones and survivors gathered April 10 to show support for another year of life-giving organ donorship aided by Christiana Care’s Kidney Transplant team and the Gift of Life Donor Program, honoring organ, eye and tissue donors.

Loretta Harris, the mother of Christiana Care employee Brian James, who donated his organs and tissue after he was killed in a car accident in 2016, spoke powerfully about the need for organ donors and the many ways they save lives and help people live better lives.

Dozens of Christiana Care staff turn out each year for a flag raising to honor organ, eye and tissue donors.

In 2017 the Christiana Care Transplant Program facilitated 42 organ donors, resulting in 102 transplanted organs, including gifts of kidneys, livers, lungs,  hearts and one pancreas. In addition, 91 tissue donors in 2017 at Christiana Care provided corneas, bone, skin, heart valves and other tissues to enhance the lives of countless recipients.