Weight-loss success that keeps on going!

Weight-loss success that keeps on going!

Peter Harrigan is sharing his 110-pound weight-loss success with others, and proving that lifestyle changes work.

Peter Harrigan of Rehoboth Beach is pleased and proud of his weight management success through Christiana Care’s Fit4Life Weight-Loss Program. On a recent visit to Wilmington to share his success story with the audience at a Christiana Care weight management seminar, he held up two bags of potatoes. His own weight loss, he explained, is the equivalent of 22 five-pound bags of spuds.

An empathetic individual by nature, Harrigan has been ready and willing to share his experiences with weight management. He started to consider his weight a serious health issue after he retired in 2011. His weight-management journey with Fit4Life started in January 2014. From that point he lost an average of 10 pounds per month for nine straight months. He has continued to take off weight through the Fit4Life method and his own considerable experience in understanding what works and what doesn’t. To-date, he has dropped 110 pounds. More importantly, he says, he isn’t worried about gaining the weight back, because he has learned how to live a different lifestyle.

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