Samuel R. Wetherill, Pharm.D, MHA, appointed director

Samuel R. Wetherill, Pharm.D, MHA, appointed director

Sam WetherillSamuel R. Wetherill, Pharm.D, MHA, has been appointed director of pharmacy supply chain and automation.

Wetherill has provided leadership to the evening shift pharmacy operations of Christiana Hospital since 2007. In his new role, he will provide leadership in aligning the pharmacy supply chain with each service line. Core concepts in the realignment include focusing on the specific needs of the patients within each service line and applying the concept of a patient-demand-driven value supply chain. His leadership will enable Christiana Care to identify the metrics and tools needed to define the “cost to serve” so that thoughtful, value-based decisions can be made.

Wetherill’s professional experience includes supply-chain responsibilities in the hospital, retail and military sectors, which helps his ability to identify and implement best practices in service to our patients.

His impact on the military’s pharmacy supply chain earned him recognition as U.S. Army Reserve Pharmacist of the Year for 2013.

He received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Florida. He received a master’s degree in health care administration from Simmons College in Boston.