GetWellNetwork gets a new ‘skin’

GetWellNetwork gets a new ‘skin’

Jessica Szelestei, RN, teaches a patient how to use the GetWellNetwork, which now boasts a slick new design that puts patient education and other important information at the patient’s fingertips.
Jessica Szelestei, RN, teaches a patient how to use the GetWellNetwork, which now boasts a slick new design that puts patient education and other important information at the patient’s fingertips.

The GetWellNetwork at Christiana Care has a new “skin,” a user interface that is brighter, easier to navigate and packed with information for patients.

“Our old experience looked very much like an ATM machine. Our new skin is much more transparent for patients and clinicians to use,” said Michelle Collins, MSN, RN-BC, ACNS-BC, director, Nursing Professional Development & Education, Center Leader for Patient-Family Education and the GetWellNetwork champion.

The goal of GetWellNetwork and the new user experience is to improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. That is accomplished through the four E’s: engage, empower, educate and entertain.

The new user interface for Christiana Care's GetWellNetwork includes information customized for each individual patient's needs.
The new user interface for Christiana Care’s GetWellNetwork includes information customized for each individual patient’s needs.

“The GetWellNetwork is explained to patients when they are admitted and is a great tool for educating patients about their  medications and other topics,” said Suzanne Heath, nurse manager of 5A and EAU, who serves on the GetWellNetwork Steer committee.

Nurses at the bedside harness the GetWellNetwork to work with patients, says Barbara Feeny, BSN, RN-BC, staff development specialist.

“Having something available at the bedside is a convenient way to educate our patients,” she said. “The patient also has the ability to keep learning even when the nurse or another clinician is not in the room.”

For example, patients with diabetes can explore short videos on such topics as diet and monitoring blood sugar. Patient education videos on the new GetWellNetwork are shorter and much easier for patients to understand in a single viewing.

“It’s much more user friendly,” said Carmen Pal, MBA, MSN, RN, staff education specialist. “Patients can navigate the system more easily and get to where they want to go more quickly.”

The new layout features priority boxes that focus on the most important information and tasks patients need to complete during their hospitalization. The display is tailored to each individual’s needs. Smaller featured buttons provide quick access to favorites such as TV, music and Internet services. Patients can also provide feedback and nominate exceptional nurses for The DAISY Award through the GetWellNetwork.

“It’s an opportunity for patients to tell us in a safe way how we can do things better in order to fulfill our Christiana Care promise,” Collins said.

The most popular priority spaces are: “Learn About My Medications,” “Watch Videos Picked Just for Me,” and “Rate My Pain.”

“By providing multiple touch points, there are more opportunities to engage the patient and improve outcomes, as well as increase overall patient satisfaction,” said Robin Forester, BSN, RN, the GetWellNetwork dedicated clinical interactive patient care manager for Christiana Care. “We hope the patients and all members of the care team find this new experience easily accessible and that it assists them in improving the care delivery provided at the bedside.”

Lea Robbins, RN, a nurse on 5A at Christiana Hospital, says response from patients is positive.

“Patients who have been in the hospital before say this new version is much better,” she said. “The home page is very clear, videos are easy to access and they are learning about important topics, such as infection prevention.”

The GetWellNetwork is always adding new tools to help patients and staff, such as the introduction of a discharge planning pathway. Two new pathways were created by nurses on 4 West. Katie Nutter, RN, contributed a pain management pathway; Lori Meck, RN, created a new hand hygiene pathway.

Input on priorities and ways to improve the GetWellNetwork was gathered throughout the health system.

The new design launched in the Women’s and Children’s service line on Oct. 1 and rolled out to the rest of the system in the following weeks. Within the first 20 days, patient use increased 8 percent in Women’s and Children’s and 2 percent overall at both hospitals.