Financial Literacy Program helps cancer patients to make financial decisions

Financial Literacy Program helps cancer patients to make financial decisions

charles frost
Charles Frost has helped Christiana Care to provide cancer patients with counseling to help them navigate the financial challenges of cancer treatment.

When Charles Frost, a successful businessman in the financial services industry, asks clients to list the most important things in their lives, most say “family, health and finances.”

And, while Charles doesn’t help people with family or health situations, he certainly has the credentials to help them understand their finances. In fact, he’s putting these credentials to good use for patients at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center at Christiana Care. Charles helps patients and their families understand their financial situations so they can make better decisions during times of crisis. He does this free of charge.

Charles spent 40 successful years in the financial services industry. After closing his business to new clients, he had the time he needed to pursue one of his personal goals, which was to encourage people to improve their financial literacy. Charles educates patients on topics ranging from how to balance a checkbook to helping them understand what financial resources they have and how to manage them.

“When people are faced with a crisis they get overwhelmed,” he says. “It’s essential to distinguish between what’s a real problem versus what’s an imagined problem. My goal is to prevent people who have resources from falling into poverty because they make bad financial decisions.”

“One woman who had terminal cancer came to me worried that she didn’t have enough money to support herself. We looked at her finances and determined she had enough to support herself for many years,” says Charles. “With this reassurance, she gave me the most wonderful smile.”

Through his financial education sessions, Charles transforms many lives by building trust and dispelling fears. And, while Charles says he can only help patients with their financial situations, the many smiles, hugs and thank-you notes he receives indicate that he is helping with much more.