Michelle L. Axe, MS, CHES

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Michelle L. Axe, MS, CHES

Michelle L. Axe, MS, CHES

Community Health Program Manager

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Food as Medicine
  • Social Care
  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Transportation


  • M.S., Public Health Education and Promotion, University of Delaware

Michelle L. Axe, MS, CHES

Community Health Program Manager

Michelle Axe is a Community Health Program Manager overseeing food and social care initiatives. In this role, Michelle leads evidence-based food is medicine programming, and manages both a social care closed loop referral platform and a digital transportation marketplace. These initiatives are helping ChristianaCare patients get connected to the clinical services and social care resources they need.


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Media Appearances

ChristianaCare’s Michelle Axe Presents the Delaware Food Farmacy

2022-02-24 , Lutheran Community Services
As Michelle explains, “Many low-income, food-insecure individuals diagnosed with chronic diseases like hypertension, congestive heart failure and diabetes experience worse health outcomes often as a result of the ‘treat or eat’ dilemma.” That is, patients find themselves choosing between spending money to address chronic health conditions (with medication, appointment co-pays, and other costs) or paying for food, housing, and utilities. The DFF helps patients manage their health by providing food as medicine.
Event Appearances
2024-04-22, The Delaware Food Farmacy a Collaboration of Community Partners,
2024-04-22, Room at the Table Annual Fundraising Event,
2024-04-22, Update Around the State,
2024-04-22, Delaware Urban Farm & Food Coalition Annual Meeting,
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