Lisa Breslow, DO

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Lisa Breslow, DO

Lisa Breslow, DO

Obesity Medicine Specialist

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Bariatric Medicine
  • Obesity and Weight Management‎
  • Nutrition


  • DO, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lisa Breslow, DO

Obesity Medicine Specialist

Dr. Lisa Breslow is a board-certified obesity medicine specialist at ChristianaCare. She is dedicated to providing patients with evidence-based education and treatment of obesity. She focuses on partnering with patients and tailoring a treatment plan that meets their individual needs in order to make their weight loss journey successful.


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A New Weapon

2024-01-03 , Community Health
Dr. Lisa Breslow of ChristianaCare in West Grove, Pennsylvania notes obesity is a chronic, relapsing medical condition.

“Patients with obesity shouldn’t feel ashamed or like it’s their fault,” she says, adding the condition requires a multifaceted treatment plan that takes time, and when weight loss is achieved, other related conditions tend to improve.

Breslow, who previously worked as a family physician, is board certified in obesity medicine and now focuses specifically on the condition. She says obesity medicine is a growing and needed field.

“It is so, so very important to patients because a lot of patients struggle with being overweight and obese.”