Katherine “Kat” Collard, MS, RN-BC, NP

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Katherine "Kat" Collard, MS, RN-BC, NP

Chief Nursing Information Officer

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Nursing Informatics
  • Technology implementor


  • MSN, Stony Brook University
  • B.S., Nursing, Russell Sage College

Katherine "Kat" Collard, MS, RN-BC, NP

Chief Nursing Information Officer

Katherine Collard is the chief nursing informatics officer at ChristianaCare, responsible for the strategy and implementation of IT systems that directly impact nurses. Collard led ChristianaCare’s release of an innovative tool called Moxi, a collaborative robot that can assist in the hospital by making deliveries and performing other non-clinical tasks so that nurses and other clinical staff can spend more time caring for patients. She has also led teams in improving documentation for nurses particularly around pressure injury identification on admission. This process led to a significant improvement in identification on admission avoiding significant penalties. The team has been shared this across the United States and Cerner (now Oracle) has adopted the process for their standard content.


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Media Appearances

Hospital Looks to ‘Cobot’ EHR Integration to Alleviate Nurse Burnout

2022-08-11 , EHR Intelligence
Nurses can call on the Moxi cobots to deliver or pick up supplies at specific locations through a kiosk, similar to calling an Uber, Katherine Collard, MS, RN-BC, NP, chief nursing informatics officer at ChristianaCare, told EHRIntelligence in an interview.

ChristianaCare rolls out 'cobots' to help nurses with nonclinical tasks

2022-05-26 , Health Care News
"When the Moxi cobots are fully integrated, we anticipate that they will complete up to 200 delivery tasks a day," said Katherine Collard, RN-BC, chief nursing informatics officer at ChristianaCare, in a statement. "By making point-to-point deliveries, Moxi can save nurses hours of time and thousands of steps."

Meet ‘Moxi’ – ChristianaCare Introduces Innovative Collaborative Robot to Give Nurses More Time to Deliver Care and

2022-05-24 , Bloomberg
“We are proud that the American Nurses Foundation has the confidence in bold nurse-led ideas that will lead to large-scale, replicable change,” said Katherine Collard, MS, RN-BC, chief nursing informatics officer at ChristianaCare.
Selected Honors and Awards
  • Delaware’s Talented Top Nurses - Informatics, Delaware Today, 2021
Event Appearances
2023-04-21, "Robotic Assistants: Experience Integrating Cobots with the EMR", Chicago
2023-04-17, "Nursing Forum: Supporting and Evolving the Delivery of Patient Care: Collaborative Robots and Healthcare", Chicago
2023-03-22, "Innovative Robot Collaborates with Nurses to Improve Care Delivery", Chicago
Research Grants

Reimagining Nursing Initiative Technology-Enabled Nursing Practice

2024-02-21 , American Nurses Foundation, $