Dennis Harris, MSN, MA Ed., NE

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Dennis Harris, MSN, MA Ed., NE

Dennis Harris, MSN, MA Ed., NE

Nurse Manager

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Medical/Surgical Nursing
  • Medication Education
  • Nursing
  • Community Health
  • Gerontology


  • M.S.N., Nursing Administration, Wilmington University
  • M.Ed., Community Health Education, Arcadia University

Dennis Harris, MSN, MA Ed., NE

Nurse Manager

Dennis Harris is the nurse manager of patient care units and has led nursing improvement projects that focus on team-based care to improve the nursing care of elderly patients. He has been recognized at ChristianaCare with the DAISY Leader award, which honors skillful and compassionate nursing care.


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Media Appearances

The Changing Roles of Nurses

2019-11-29 , WHYY
[Dennis Harris is featured at the 5 minute mark.]

The roles of nurses have changed and expanded a lot in recent decades. Nurses are highly specialized, they have branched out into new areas of medicine. Still, nurses remain on the front lines of patient care. They communicate with doctors, relay patient wishes, and address family concerns. On this episode, we look into how nursing is changing, and how that’s affecting patient care. We hear about nurses fighting for limits on how many patients they’re assigned; find out what it’s like to be a school nurse in the age of active shooter drills; and talk to nurses who are getting involved in climate change issues for the sake of their patients.