Charles McClure, M.D., FHM

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Charles McClure, M.D., FHM

Charles McClure, M.D., FHM

Addiction Medicine Physician

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Addiction Medicine
  • Family Medicine


  • M.D., Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University
  • BSG, Science, Villanova University

Charles McClure, M.D., FHM

Addiction Medicine Physician

Charles McClure, M.D, FHM, is a board-certified addiction medicine/family practice physician at ChristianaCare. In this role, he provides comprehensive care for hospitalized patients with all substance use disorders with particular emphasis on alcohol and opioid use disorders. He enjoys teaches learners at all levels and works with partners throughout ChristianaCare to ensure we provide up to date, safe and effective treatment.


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An Inside Look at Opioid Addiction in Delaware

2023-09-29 , Delaware Today
Charles McClure, M.D., an addiction specialist at ChristianaCare, says the overwhelming majority of patients he screens for xylazine test positive for the substance.

“For humans, it’s very toxic. It causes horrible wounds and can cause overdoses that don’t respond well to Narcan,” he explains. The BHC has awarded a number of grants to fund wound care for people who inject xylazine, including $390,000 to Brandywine Counseling.

Xylazine costs less than fentanyl, produces a longer high and can be legally purchased since it is approved for use on animals, all of which have made it increasingly popular among drug traffickers.

Because xylazine is not an opioid, naloxone doesn’t reverse its effects on a person who has overdosed. For years, advocates and healthcare providers have worked to increase awareness and distribution of naloxone among first responders, educators, social workers and people who use illicit drugs. Now xylazine is thwarting this powerful lifesaving tool.