Kelly Banas, Ph.D., To Present Her Latest Discovery at CRISPR Medicine’s First International Conference

Kelly Banas, Ph.D., principal investigator at ChristianaCare’s Gene Editing Institute, will present her latest research discovery related to targeting the NRF2 gene in cancer cells at the first CRISPR Medicine Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 22 to 25.

The Gene Editing Institute’s research has focused on the NRF2 gene and the strong immune response it causes within cancer cells, allowing them to grow resistant to chemotherapy and leading cancer treatments to fail. By disrupting the NRF2 gene in cancer cells while allowing healthy cells to continue producing it, chemotherapy treatment becomes more effective.

Gene Editing Institute principal investigators Kelly Banas, Ph.D., and Natalia Rivera-Torres, Ph.D., in the lab.

Banas’ latest research delves into the mechanism of DNA repair following the removal of NRF2, ensuring that surrounding DNA in healthy cells is not affected and that the repair does not produce an unexpected outcome.

“I’m extremely honored to be invited to this conference to highlight the work that all of our researchers at the Gene Editing Institute have put into this study,” Banas said. “The work we have done to characterize the impact of CRISPR on the NRF2 gene has changed how we approach new cancer targets.

“This has influenced how we design experiments and analyze our data,” she said, “so it’s got a big impact on not just our work, but the work of anyone we collaborate with in the future. This community is full of phenomenal voices, and we’re committed to sharing our work in contexts like this to continue building a foundation of CRISPR research that will uplift treatment for some of the deadliest and most resilient cancers and diseases.”

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