ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions to Offer Award-Winning Health Care Services to Employers Regionally and Nationally

ChristianaCare has launched ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions, a direct-to-employer business unit that markets the health system’s award-winning products, services and capabilities to business and industry regionally and throughout the United States.

For more information, visit ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions.

“ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions leverages the nationally recognized clinical expertise of ChristianaCare to provide high-quality, cost-effective health care services to businesses and employers,” said Joe Miralles, vice president of Business Development at ChristianaCare.

“We offer direct-to-employer packages to keep health care costs down, improve employee wellness and workforce productivity and integrate services to offer accessible, high-quality, convenient care through enhanced coordination.”

ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions builds on the success of ChristianaCare’s Destination Surgery program, which has provided bariatric surgery services to more than 300 patients throughout the United States since 2019. Under the program, employers pay a set cost for surgical services and patients receive access to a health care provider with demonstrated clinical excellence.

ChristianaCare has already developed strategic partnerships providing health care services to more than 100 national and international employers in a wide range of industries, including the manufacturing, retail and airline industries, and multiple employee welfare arrangements.

Programs and services of ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions currently available to business clients and their employees include:

  • Destination Surgery — provides concierge-level coordination for personalized, expedited bariatric surgery, heart and vascular surgeries, including bypass, valve replacement and endovascular valve replacement, women’s health procedures including abdominal hysterectomy and hysterectomy and other surgical care experiences.
  • ChristianaCare Center for Virtual Health — offers direct virtual primary care services accessible from anywhere, anytime on any digital device.
  • Virtual Behavioral Health — supports the emotional and psychological health of employees throughout their careers.
  • Vaccination Campaign — offers voluntary inoculation sites for employees at offices and campuses.
  • COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring — helps businesses by monitoring employee symptoms and well-being.

Customizable programs are available that offer expert consultation by nationally recognized health care leaders. Pricing is based on each client’s unique needs.

ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions services for business clients and their employees include vaccinations, with voluntary inoculation sites for employees at offices and campuses.

“Our program offerings are extremely popular with employees of the many businesses we are privileged to serve,” said Dave Repshas, director of ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions.

“For example, our Center for Virtual Health has achieved a 92 Net Promoter Score (NPS), greatly exceeding industry averages for satisfaction and loyalty in the health care sector. Our capabilities will continue to expand as we position ourselves to be the health partner of choice for the clients we serve.”

ChristianaCare’s clinical services are continually ranked among the best in the nation by multiple independent quality rating services, including HealthgradesU.S. News & World Report and Newsweek. Its Center for Heart & Vascular Health has earned the 3-Star rating (highest) from the Society of Thoracic Surgery for coronary artery bypass surgery and the HeartCARE National Distinction of Excellence Award from the American College of Cardiology for three consecutive years.

For more information, visit ChristianaCare Business Health Solutions or email