ChristianaCare to End Crisis Standards of Care on March 1

As COVID-19 cases and overall patient census continue to trend downward since their peak in January 2021, ChristianaCare will discontinue the Crisis Standards of Care that were implemented in early January. Crisis Standards of Care ended at our Cecil County campus on February 15, and they will end at our remaining campuses on March 1.

Thank you to all of the caregivers who have served with excellence and love during this challenging time, and thank you to everyone in the community who helped to reduce illness and the spread of COVID-19 by getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and practicing the COVID-19 safety measures that continue to prove effective at keeping people safe. We also are grateful to the members of the National Guard who supported our caregivers through this recent surge.

COVID-19 remains a challenge to our community, and we will continue to monitor patient volumes and staffing levels and adjust our protocols accordingly. We encourage everyone to continue to wear masks, practice COVID-19 safety indoors, get vaccinated and receive a booster shot when eligible.