ChristianaCare Virtual Health Opens at Kingswood Community Center in Wilmington

A new model of health care is coming to Wilmington’s Riverside neighborhood and the Kingswood Community Center. ChristianaCare Virtual Health is now available at The Coker Family Resource Center, inside Kingswood Community Center. It offers convenient, personalized, always-accessible care that makes it easier for people to connect with the care they need and stay well.

“This is an entirely new model of health care powered by data and technology to make it easier for people to access care when they need it, and one that fosters strong relationships between patients and their care team,” said Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH, president and CEO of ChristianaCare.

Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH

“In our commitment to make a positive impact on health for everyone in the communities we serve, we’re excited to bring this leading-edge model of care to our neighbors at Riverside.

“We’re grateful for the partnership of The WRK Group and Kingswood Community Center in this collaborative effort that will support the health and well-being of the people in this community.”

At The Coker Family Resource Center, patients can connect to ChristianaCare Virtual Health for a virtual appointment with a primary care provider or a member of their care team and also receive access to medical services such as vaccines, blood pressure checks and in-person exams.

But care doesn’t have to happen at Kingswood Community Center. Patients can have a virtual visit with their care team anytime and from anywhere they have access to the internet with a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera.

“Throughout the pandemic, many people have learned the convenience of having a video visit with their doctor instead of coming for an in-person appointment,” said Sharon Anderson, MS, BSN, RN, FACHE, chief virtual health officer at ChristianaCare.

“At ChristianaCare, we’ve actually been developing this kind of care since the launch of our Virtual Primary Care practice for ChristianaCare caregivers in 2018, in addition to our CareVio data-powered care management platform.

“What we’re able to provide today is not just video visits, but an entirely new kind of care that’s always on—it enables patients to interact with their care team when they need support through video visits, secure text messages and other ways that provide care in ways that fit into each person’s lifestyle.”

Sharon Anderson, MS, BSN, RN, FACHE

In addition to the on-site medical services provided at the Kingswood location, patients can also receive in-person help with the technology so that they can become comfortable with this new model of care, and ask questions or get help when they need it.

Kingswood Community Center, a member of The WRK Group (The Warehouse, REACH Riverside, and Kingswood Community Center), has been a pillar of the Riverside community for 75 years and is located at 2300 Bowers St, Wilmington, DE 19802. In-person appointments are available every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. (times may vary). Information and appointments are available by calling 302-428-2400.

Establishing easily accessible health care within the Riverside neighborhood marks a long-time goal of The WRK Group.

“We are incredibly thankful for this partnership with ChristianaCare Virtual Health as they become the first primary care service provider that exists within Riverside,” said Logan Herring Sr., CEO of The WRK Group.

Logan Herring Sr.

“ChristianaCare has created a nimble solution for our neighbors that includes valuable in-person services and care as well as virtual appointments. Creating this physical and virtual space is an achievement for our community and one in a series of initiatives The WRK Group plans to bring to the local area.”

The WRK’s Group managing partner, REACH Riverside, is overseeing a $250M holistic revitalization project which includes building a new and improved community center, developing a mixed income housing community, and investing in physical capital to create a thriving and vibrant neighborhood.

Introducing the Coker Family Resource Center

The Coker Family Resource Center is a new addition to the Kingswood Community Center, made possible by the generous donation of the Coker family, a pillar in the Riverside and Wilmington community. From matriarch and civil rights leader Beatrice “Bebe” Coker and her activism efforts to daughters Dr. Joan Coker and Laurie Coker Reid to Julie Coker’s collective philanthropic and community work, the Coker family embodies the values of Kingswood Community Center and The WRK Group’s collective mission to empower the community to reach its full potential.

“Thank you to the entire Coker family, who have dedicated themselves to bettering our community for decades, as well as for providing the needed funding to create the physical space that ChristianaCare Virtual Health inhabits,” Herring said.

“The Coker family has once again demonstrated the value of believing and investing in their community. As we look to the future and continue to dream big about the new Kingswood Community Center, I am excited by the prospect of what this space will evolve into and what additional services we can offer our community.”