Thanks to a ChristianaCare Nurse, Jeff Lovett Is Running on Plenty

Jeff Lovett is “one of those individuals you always want to be around,” said ChristianaCare nurse Tracy Willis, RN. She got to know Lovett in her volunteer work for Special Olympics Delaware last fall.

Willis was right by the side of the 30-year-old Special Olympian preparing for a race when he had a seizure that sent him into cardiorespiratory arrest. Other teen race participants ran for help and called 911. Willis, who works in ChristianaCare’s Middletown Emergency Department, conducted CPR until medics could take Lovett to Christiana Hospital.

ChristianaCare nurse Tracy Willis conducted life-saving CPR until medics could take Special Olympian Jeff Lovett to Christiana Hospital.

“I can’t praise her enough,” said his father Bill Lovett.

Lovett has epilepsy, and has had seizures since the age of four. Thanks to Willis’ quick action, Lovett was able to recover and return home after five days in the hospital.

Jeff Lovett has participated in Special Olympics for more than 20 years.

“What I did is a part of my calling,” Willis said. “I’m just happy that Jeff is still with us.” She is an advocate for learning CPR.

Parents Tracy Green and Bill Lovett signed their son up for Special Olympics Delaware more than 20 years ago. Since then, they have watched their son evolve as an athlete and as someone who appreciates life’s lighter side.

Tracy Willis is a hero in the eyes of Jeff Lovett and his family. The pair reunited at the Special Olympics Halloween race in the fall as “Wonder Woman” and “Dr. Lovett.”

By late October, Lovett was able to return to the Special Olympics Delaware Halloween run. He came dressed not as a runner, but as a doctor. His arrival drew applause and good-natured laughs from his peers and from Willis, who was in attendance—as Wonder Woman.

Those who know Lovett look forward to an abundance of “Jeff hugs” and Bill Lovett looks forward to more special lunches with his son.

“He has such a cheerful nature,” his mother said. “It’s a marvel that no matter what life throws at him, his positive outlook remained untouched.”

Along with running, Lovett enjoys bowling through the Special Olympics and is considering taking up bocce.

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