Introducing ChristianaCare’s New Pregnancy Care Coach App

To help women stay healthy during pregnancy, ChristianaCare has developed a unique, free mobile app that works like a comprehensive virtual care coach for moms-to-be. More than just a traditional pregnancy-tracking app, Pregnancy Care Coach includes personalized features that help mothers in Delaware and the surrounding region stay connected to their care team and access local resources.

Pregnancy Care Coach helps pregnant women to monitor their health, track their baby’s growth and prepare for their baby’s arrival. The custom software guides women through the pregnancy journey, starting as early as four weeks and continuing through the postpartum period.

Matthew Hoffman, M.D., MPH, FACOG

Features include:

  • Health information from ChristianaCare medical experts.
  • Connections to local resources specific to ChristianaCare and the Delaware Valley on important topics like preparing for labor and delivery, breastfeeding and support groups.
  • Baby kick, blood pressure and blood sugar trackers with personalized feedback.
  • The ability to build a customized contact database of their health care team including the obstetrician, lab, pharmacy, milk banks and more.
  • Weekly updates on the physical changes that moms should expect at each stage.
  • Information to help parents prepare for delivery and the baby’s arrival.
  • Connections to ChristianaCare-approved providers, as well as local resources and social agencies that support moms and babies.

“Pregnancy Care Coach is an example of the radical convenience that ChristianaCare is bringing to our communities,” said Matthew Hoffman, M.D., MPH, the Marie E. Pinizzotto, M.D., Endowed Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at ChristianaCare. “Even before COVID-19, people were increasingly using health care apps to support their wellness. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing have increased our use of technology. We’re working to make care as easy and seamless as possible for everyone we serve.”

Supporting a Better Pregnancy Experience

Mary Fran Storm Crowley, PA-C

“We wanted to heighten the pregnancy experience for our moms and emphasize the need for early care,” said Mary Fran Storm Crowley, PA-C, who co-developed the app. “The landing page, which greets each mom by name, details the child’s length and approximate weight at each stage. Moms can visualize the baby’s size by viewing a relatable object, such as an apple.”

Moms-to-be can use the dashboard links to enter important health data including their blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

“Because the app alerts users if their blood pressure or blood sugar is too high, it is an important safety tool,” Storm Crowley said. “The app will prompt them to take the measurement again after a certain period of time or consult their OB, if needed. If they have questions on a subject, such as preeclampsia, they can search the app to find information from a source they can trust—ChristianaCare’s OB-GYNs.”

In addition, users can select providers and pharmacies from pre-populated choices or customize their own. The resources section includes links to local organizations that offer support for moms and children. Users can also find classes on topics such as baby safety and breastfeeding.

The Health & Technology Innovation Center at ChristianaCare designed the app, in partnership with the care team at the ChristianaCare Center for Women’s & Children’s Health.

“We built a robust platform for iOS and Android operating systems,” said Jason Mastriana, a team leader with the Center. “The app is intuitive, so it’s easy to use; and the user experience is positive and motivating for mothers-to-be to take an active role in their pregnancy care.”

To download Pregnancy Care Coach, visit the app store on your smartphone or tablet or visit