Berries are bursting with health benefits. Blue, purple and red color pigments in fruits like berries are associated with a lower risk of certain cancers, urinary tract health, memory function and healthy aging.

The antioxidants in berries can contribute to heart health by lowering blood cholesterol, improving circulation, decreasing inflammation and preventing blood clots. These antioxidants also help prevent neuron degeneration in the brain, as well as the eye disease macular degeneration. Phytochemicals and antioxidants found in berries can also reduce tumor cell growth in some cancers.

Berries are also rich in dietary fiber which improves digestion and prevents constipation. The fiber in berries helps promote feelings of fullness and can be beneficial to healthy weight management.

To get the optimal benefits of berries, try to include two to three different types of berries in your diet each week. Buy fresh or frozen to have them on hand.

Enjoy berries as they are or try some creative ways to add these sweet treats into your diet:

  • Blend into smoothies.
  • Sprinkle on cereal.
  • Toss into salads.
  • Scatter on sorbet.
  • Bake into muffins.
  • Add to pancakes and waffles.