Health care hero: Internal Medicine Resident Shaina Nazare, D.O.

We are shining a light on our #healthcareheroes. Meet Internal Medicine resident Shaina Nazare, D.O.

What inspires you to be a caregiver?

To help people. We were told never to use this phrase during our medical school and residency interviews to describe the reason as to why we went into health care, because it was too “generic.” However, that simple phrase stays true and strong and provides inspiration during this time.

How has your typical work day changed? What work are you doing or doing differently because of COVID-19?

Internal Medicine residents at ChristianaCare have been trying to fill the areas where the needs are greatest. This has included augmenting support in our virtual primary care clinic and intensive care units and providing back up support for colleagues. Our schedule has become very variable, but we have been happy to help the health system and our patients during this unique time.

I think the biggest change during COVID-19 is the fact that families often cannot be at the bedside of their loved ones. Therefore, caregivers spend numerous hours on the phone updating anxious and scared families. That makes the days longer but is crucial and necessary.

What is keeping you motivated during these times?

In the Bible, it says that “this too shall pass.” Holding on to that promise and continuing to look for the light at the end of the tunnel provides motivation.

What advice do you have for your fellow caregivers?

Unplug occasionally. On your day off, take time to be off social media and fully relax and unwind.

What advice do you have for your community?

It’s not over yet, but don’t lose hope!