A joyous send-off follows COVID-19 recovery

After a two-week stay for the COVID-19 virus, Andrianna Williams left Wilmington Hospital last week with a smile behind her face mask and a standing ovation from ChristianaCare caregivers.

“It was just so great to take a moment and celebrate one of our patients’ victories,” said Kelin Stanley, BSN, RN-BC, who cared for Williams during her stay and wheeled her to the hospital doors. “We are so happy.”

Having COVID-19 is “scary,” Williams told CBS3, which broadcast her joyous departure. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s nerve-wracking, but coming out on the other side, it’s a beautiful thing.”

She is now rooting for her mother, also hospitalized with COVID-19. On Easter morning, the pair had more to celebrate — her mother was taken off her ventilator and the two of them were able to speak and pray together.

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