ChristanaCare’s CritiTrac iOS application, which supports real-time documentation during a Code Blue emergency, has received a 2020 FutureEdge 50 Award from IDG’s CIO.

A Code Blue is when a hospital care team rapidly responds to resuscitate a person in cardiac arrest. CritiTrac is designed to reduce variability, better coordinate care delivery and improve data collection during Code Blue events.

Developed at ChristianaCare’s Health & Technology Innovation Center, the iPad app is designed to be standard equipment on ChristianaCare’s Code Blue resuscitation carts, which are pre-staged throughout the hospital to ensure readiness for Code Blue events.

Catherine Burch, MSM, CUA

“CritiTrac was a true partnership between ChristianaCare’s Health & Technology Innovation Center team and critical care physicians and nurses driven by passion for solving difficult problems,” said Catherine Burch, MS, CUA, director of ChristianaCare’s Health & Technology Innovation Center.

“The app gives responders an edge by leveraging technology in a critical situation to guide the team through the evidence-based, accepted guidelines.”

Through the iPad app, signoff is done electronically, and caregiver and patient identification is performed using bar code scanning with the built-in camera.

Michael Benninghoff, D.O., MS

“CritiTrac is invaluable because it prompts the Code Blue team in a concise way to follow the American Heart Association’s evidence-based practice standards,” said Michael Benninghoff, D.O., MS, section chief of critical care medicine at ChristianaCare.

“The app provides clear, concise and complete documentation for the medical record, which can later be analyzed to make quality and performance improvements as we work to be exceptional today and even better tomorrow.”

The FutureEdge 50 award is given to organizations pushing the edge with new technologies to advance their business for the future.

Randall Gaboriault, MS

“The organizations in the FutureEdge 50 are doing exciting things that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago,” said Anne McCrory, group vice president, customer experience and operations, events, and the FutureEdge and AGENDA20 conference chair.

“We are honored to showcase these innovations and many others as we enter into a new era of sophistication with cloud, devices and environments powering the technology-driven business.”

The FutureEdge 50 award is another example of how ChristianaCare is a digital leader in health care.

“We are designing a future in which all care will be digital, except that which cannot be,” said Randall Gaboriault, MS, chief digital and information officer at ChristianaCare. “We build everything for a digital and virtual world first, whereby data is available for learning at the moment of its origination.

“This recognition for our CritiTrac app – which is one component of our evolving platform of digital capabilities – is a welcome recognition for our Health & Technology Innovation Center team. It’s also another great example of the breakthrough technology and innovative thinking that make us a digital leader.”