As starting forward for the WNBA champion Washington Mystics, Delaware native Elena Delle Donne spends the professional basketball season befuddling defenders as one of the league’s top scorers. Even more impressive is the crossover effort the two-time All-Star puts in off the court, making a fast break at staying healthy for life.

Train like a champ with Elena Delle Donne’s personal workout playlist.

In this Q&A, Delle Donne — professional basketball player, Olympic gold medalist and ChristianaCare spokesperson — shares how good health is a team sport, with a home court advantage in the First State.

You make staying healthy look easy. What’s your secret?

I wish there was a secret! I try to make the right choice the easy one. I need things I can eat quickly in the car so I try to keep healthy snacks in easy reach. Otherwise, if there are cookies I’ll eat them. But if there are apples, nuts or yogurt I’ll make healthier choices.

What’s always in your fridge?

Apples! And Gouda. My wife Amanda and I both love cheese.

How do you and your wife look out for each other’s health and well-being?

We always support each other. Amanda has really great taste in music and puts together my workout playlists. There are days when I’ll ride my bike while she runs and we push each other a little bit.

 A top tip for fitting fitness into everyday life?

Get your body moving —anything counts. Even when it’s not basketball season, I go outside, walk our dogs Wrigley and Rasta, or go for a bike ride, go to the park —it’s not always a set workout.

I saw that “Demand Excellence” has been a mantra of yours.

It started my rookie year. I wanted something to live by. I have it on a wristband I wear all the time. In life, we’re never going to find perfection, but if we try to demand excellence in everything we do, we’re going to be better people.

What’s the most Delaware thing about you?

Gosh, that’s hard. Probably that I’m a Blue Hen through and through. Loving Grotto’s Pizza. And I still have a Delaware driver’s license. Other First Staters get it when I say that no one can find my birthday on it!

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