As a professional athlete, it’s literally my job to stay in shape. You may have decided to go pro in something else — but wherever you’re an all-star during business hours, it’s important to fit in regular exercise.

Exercise can help you live longer, move more comfortably, keep up with your activities and kids, and raise endorphins to keep you feeling happier.

My wife Amanda and I have two active dogs—Rasta and Wrigley. Some days I’m not sure whether we’re walking them or they’re walking us! But the point is we’re moving.

Sneak In a Few Steps

It’s a great idea to grab coffee with a coworker and have a “moving meeting” where you talk AND walk. Take your dog for a walk. These are great ways to sneak in a few extra steps without even noticing. 

Find a Workout Buddy

Amanda and I support each other. There are days when I ride my bike alongside her after my workout to keep her company as she runs. The fact is, it’s always easier to exercise with somebody. Find that somebody in your life and help them be accountable—they’ll do the same for you.

Love Where You Workout

In the off-season when I come home to Delaware, I have a whole group of women I work out with. We’ve become great friends, and it’s because of the place we workout and my trainer there that we got to know each other.

I love to be outdoors, too. I go for a bike ride or to the park. Anywhere by water is a favorite for me. Delaware is full of great outdoor places to explore. It’s the first state, and I think it’s the most beautiful.

No one’s perfect. And I don’t always look forward to my workouts. But I do look forward to how I’ll feel afterwards, and I know that sometimes the biggest hurdle can just be to get to the workout. Once I’m there I always give it everything I have.

Get inspired to get fit with Elena Delle Donne’s personal workout playlist.

I’m here cheering you on!I’ve learned from sports and by meditating every day and practicing mindfulness that staying in the moment is the key for me. Sometimes taking it second by second is the way to go.

Just stand up. Go outside for a breath of fresh air. Find what works for you, and keep moving.