A Jellyfish Sting Is No Day at the Beach

What’s the remedy for a jellyfish sting? Hint: It’s not peanut butter. These recommendations can keep the ouch out of your beach time.

  • A dead jellyfish still can sting, so wear sandals even on the sand.
  • If you’re stung, rinse off the affected area using either seawater or hot tap water. This will help remove the stinging cells the jellyfish can leave. If possible, wear gloves while you’re rinsing off so you don’t get the stinging cells on your hands.
  • Lightly scrape the stinging cells off your body with a sand shovel or another tool.
  • If you have shaving cream and a razor handy, shaving is a great way to get the stinging cells off your body without getting those stingers on your hands.
  • When it comes to the typical jellyfish in our region, there’s no need to pour anything on a sting, including the commonly recommended vinegar.
  • Some people can have an allergic response to a jellyfish sting. If that happens, call 911 to get immediate help.