Christiana Care celebrated its 1,400 dedicated volunteers who use love as a “superpower” to provide positive experiences to patients and caregivers at an appreciation luncheon at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in May.

“The best superheroes are the ones who use their powers to make life better for someone else,” said Margarita Rodriguez-Duffy, MSW, CAVS, director, Visitor & Volunteer Services. “They combine their skills with compassion and respect,” she said.

“From offering a cup of coffee and smile to soothing a crying child and helping people find their way throughout the hospital, the activities our volunteers engage in every day help to create a positive experience for those we serve.”

Holding their certificates, Paula Furtado, manager, practice operations, Cancer Center Genetics Program Group, and Laura Ward, administrative assistant, Middletown Emergency Department, were recognized by Christiana Care leaders for partnering with Volunteer Services to help make volunteer recruitment and onboarding more efficient.

Drewry Nash Fennell, Esq., chief officer of Strategic Communication and Development, noted the humble yet powerful early days of volunteerism at Christiana Care, when female volunteers in 1887 collected dimes that were integral to financing one of Wilmington’s hospitals.

During fiscal year 2018, 1,445 volunteers contributed nearly 75,000 hours of service at Christiana Care.

“Love can be a powerful motivator,” Fennell said. “Every day, we strive to serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health — and without you all, we really couldn’t do it.”

At the event, 27 volunteers were honored for contributing 1,000 hours to 6,000 hours of service; nine volunteers were named to the Christiana Care Volunteer Hall of Fame for 10 years of service.

“Our volunteers are the role models of our values of Excellence and Love. They exhibit these behaviors each time they walk in our door,” said Rose Wessells, manager, Volunteer Services.

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