Medical-Dental Staff recognizes members for medical missionary work

The Christiana Care Medical-Dental Staff honored all of its members, their friends and associates who have given their time and personal resources to medical missions at home and abroad at its 17th Annual Art Exhibit, Awards & Buffet Dinner, Nov. 4.

Two physicians, Reynold S. Agard, M.D., and Vinod Kripalu, M.D., received the prestigious annual Commendation for Excellence from the Medical-Dental Staff. Drs. Agard and Kripalu co-founded Premiere Charities Inc. and the Delaware Medical Relief Team, groups that organize and carry out missions in response to disaster and poverty both internationally and at home. They have led medical relief teams in response to major earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal and to far-flung places including Nigeria, Kenya, India, Trinidad and others.

They sponsor and volunteer at a weekly free meal in Wilmington that annually feeds more than 10,000 meals to people in need. Dr. Agard also is a co-founder of Hands International Inc. Dr. Kripalu, with his wife, Dr. Chetana Kripalu, also founded and support an orphanage for 50 children in Balagurukulam, India.

A slide presentation at the event highlighted dozens of Medical-Dental Staff members who have served on medical and charitable missions in Appalachia, Vietnam, Ecuador and many other places.

“These amazing initiatives are one demonstration of the commitment the Christiana Care Medical-Dental Staff has to their profession and patients,” said James T. Hopkins, M.D.. Medical-Dental Staff president.

Rising Star Awards

Banquet attendees also congratulated the recipients of the 2016 Rising Star awards. These awards recognize attending physicians nominated by a Christiana Care leader for outstanding clinical, leadership and teaching achievements.

  • Karen Antell, M.D., MPH.
  • Casey L. Bedder, D.O.
  • Mark Gregory Cadungog, M.D.
  • Reza J. Daugherty, M.D.
  • John A. DeFrate, M.D.
  • Linsey D. O’Donnell, D.O.
  • Jonathan M. Raser-Schramm, M.D., Ph.D.
  • James E. Ruether, M.D.
  • Cem H. Soykan, M.D.