A team that works together

A team that works together

Coordinated, expert care with open information and all questions answered from start to finish

Brian Burgess, M.D.
Brian Burgess, M.D.

When Brian Burgess, M.D., an emergency medicine physician at Christiana Care Health System, needed a total hip replacement, he was looking for a team of thorough, top-notch experts that would work together for a successful outcome.

He explored his options through conversations with a half dozen physicians at Christiana Care, including orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steven Dellose. Doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient, they discussed the approach to surgery, scenarios, anesthesia, safety and recovery time.

“As it turned out, I felt very comfortable making the decision to have my surgery at the Center for Advanced Joint Replacement at Wilmington Hospital,” Dr. Burgess said. “My concerns were addressed sufficiently after discussing the different procedural approaches with Dr. Dellose. The explanation for his own approach made sense to me as being safer and similar in terms of recovery time when compared to other approaches.” Dr. Burgess also had a chance to discuss his anesthesia approach with Dr. Matt Cooper and Stacey Fletcher, CRNA, and was further satisfied with their plans.

And with that, his team of experts to support the surgery grew. Enter the registration staff, the nurses, pre-op and post-op, the anesthesia team, and the physical therapists, from inpatient to outpatient and home visits. Every step of the way throughout Dr. Burgess’ experience as a patient at Christiana Care, each member of the team complemented the care with explanations, teaching and information.

Following a successful surgery in the morning, he started physical therapy that afternoon. Dr. Burgess spent a quiet night in the hospital, completed his next physical therapy session and was discharged. He began at-home physical therapy the day after discharge. Within three weeks, he was able to attend to his administrative and academic activities. Four weeks post-op, he was working full-time clinically. A year later, Dr. Burgess was fully recovered and fully functional without limitations.

“The pain I had experienced with exercise and daily activities has been completely eliminated. I am able to work out on essentially any piece of equipment at the gym. On the treadmill, I can walk at a fast pace on the highest incline and get in a good cardiovascular workout,” he said.

Dr. Burgess shared some of the ingredients that created a positive experience, which led to this successful outcome: expert care by attentive, patient, helpful, courteous and accommodating staff; teamwork; and a lot of information with all questions answered in detail.

“I can say with confidence that I certainly made the right choice to have my surgery at Christiana Care Health System. I was able to make an informed decision about my own care. The entire team and the process from start to finish were most impressive, and I am truly fortunate to have benefited personally from The Christiana Care Way.”