Medical-Dental Staff Winter Meeting explores disruptive technology

“Disruptive Procedures, Pharmacology and Technology at Christiana Care” was the title for a full morning of lectures at the Christiana Care Medical-Dental Staff Multispecialty Winter Meeting Talks, Feb. 6, at the John H. Ammon Medical Education Center. The event was capped off by a luncheon and musical concert.

James Hpkins, M.D., president, Christiana Care Medical-Dental Staff
James Hopkins, M.D., president, Christiana Care Medical-Dental Staff

“The winter meeting created an opportunity for physicians of multiple different specialties to discuss fascinating new disruptive or potentially disruptive technologies at Christiana Care,” said Medical-Dental Staff President James Hopkins, M.D. “The speakers all did a fabulous job presenting a new laboratory test, pharmacology, or procedure that has dramatically changed clinical care in their specialty in the past five years.”

DOM-2616-0016 (1) cohen flip
David Cohen, M.D., presented a talk on “the miracle of Verigene technology” as part of the Medical-Dentals Staff’s Winter Talks agenda Feb. 6.

Presenters and topics included Caitlin A. Halbert, D.O., discussing a less invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease; Alfred E. Bacon, M.D., teaching about fecal transplants for refractory Clostridium difficult infections; David D. Biggs, M.D., lecturing on immune therapy in oncology; Sudhakar R. Satti, M.D., discussing emergent catheter embolectomy for cerebral vascular accidents; Neil J. Wimmer, M.D., on transcatheter aortic valve replacement for inoperable elderly patients; David Cohen, M.D., discussing verigene technology; and Timothy Y. Shiuh, M.D., offering a current view and outlook on the effects of the electronic medical record on patient care and the lives of physicians.