Health Insurance Marketplace Q&A

Health Insurance Marketplace Q&A

Carla Aponte
Carla Aponte

Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace, created under the Affordable Care Act, began on Nov. 15 and continues to Feb. 15, 2015. Christiana Care Health System’s marketplace guides are specially trained to provide clear information on insurance options and help Delawareans find the health insurance they need for themselves and their families. In this Q&A, Marketplace Guide Coordinator Carla Aponte, BFA, shares insight on the enrollment process.

Q: How is Christiana Care helping Delawareans enroll in health insurance?

A: We are dedicated partners with patients and their families in their health. For many years, Christiana Care has been helping patients connect to the health care resources they need through individual counseling, community programs and now through Choose Health Delaware, the state’s health insurance marketplace. Marketplace guides help people understand their insurance options and connect them with important health services so they can choose the type of plan that works best for their health care needs and their budgets.

Q. How can Delawareans sign up for health insurance?

A. Open enrollment for coverage in 2015 has started and continues to Feb. 15, 2015. Open enrollment is the time when you can apply for a new marketplace plan, keep your current plan, or pick a new one.

The health insurance marketplace plans will begin providing coverage Jan. 1, 2015. Our marketplace guides can meet with patients and members of the community at Wilmington Hospital, Wilmington Annex, Christiana Hospital, the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute and the Middletown Emergency Department.

Patients and community members can request a free, private meeting with one of our guides by calling 302-320-6586 or e-mailing We also are holding free enrollment events.

Q: What should someone bring to a meeting with a marketplace guide?

A: These five items are necessary for enrollment and are very important to bring:

  1. Birth dates of those applying for coverage.
  2. Social Security numbers of those applying for coverage.
  3. Paystubs, W-2 forms or other information about your family’s income.
  4. Policy/member numbers for any current health coverage.
  5. Information about any health coverage from a job that’s available to you or your family.

Q: What are key dates for the open enrollment period?

A: These are important deadlines to remember:

  • Dec. 15, 2014. Enroll by Dec. 15 if you want new coverage that begins on January 1, 2015. If your plan is changing or you want to change plans, enroll by Dec. 15 to avoid a lapse in coverage.
  • Dec. 31, 2014. Coverage ends for 2014 plans. Coverage for 2015 plans can start as soon as Jan. 1, 2015.
  • Feb. 15, 2015. This is the last day you can apply for 2015 coverage before the end of open enrollment.

Q: How can health care providers assist patients interested in learning more about their health insurance options?

A: We are here to help. Colleagues can contact us or ask their patients to contact us by phone at 302-320-6586 or e-mail