Spice Up Your Kitchen With an Herb Garden

Your very own herb garden is easy to start from seeds or to find already started for you. Fresh herbs can be a nice addition to any meal and are full of nutrients.

Herb gardens can be grown anywhere there is light. You can set it up outdoors in a traditional garden space, on a deck or balcony in pots, or even on your kitchen windowsill. You can plant one herb or many depending on your space and commitment.

Here are some simple steps to start your own herb garden.

Step 1

Think about where you want to start your herb garden. Decide if you want to start the plants from seeds or buy them already started for you.

Step 2

If you’re starting seeds, purchase some seeds of the herbs you want to grow. Prepare your container. Some people make their own containers from newspaper, and some use pre-made starter kits or flats. If you’re reusing some type of container that you already have (such as the bottom of a milk carton), poke some holes in the bottom for drainage.

Step 3

Start the seedlings by following the instructions on the particular seed package. Some require a deeper planting than others. Place containers in a tray with a thin layer of water. The water will absorb into the soil from the bottom up, so the seeds aren’t washed away.

Step 4

Cover with a thin layer of plastic or plastic dome to keep seeds warm. Place somewhere warm. The top of the refrigerator is a great location.

Step 5

Watch seeds sprout, add water to the tray as needed. Be careful not to over-water. After the seeds sprout, remove the plastic and move the tray under a light or onto a warm sunny windowsill.

Step 6

Once the plants are strong enough, you can transplant them into pots or into your garden. If you don’t want your garden to be taken over by spreading, long-growing herbs (especially mint), place them in pots and sink them into the garden bed. If you’re keeping on a windowsill for an indoor herb garden, choose a south-facing window with plenty of sun if possible.

Step 7

Enjoy your bounty!