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Have a Healthier Halloween

Watch out this Halloween: It’s not just the kids’ teeth and bellies that are negatively affected by the trick-or-treating tradition. Adults often consume more than half of all the candy distributed on Halloween night.

Chocolate is a common Halloween favorite, and one of the most potentially damaging to a healthy diet. One mini candy bar (about 2 inches long) is recommended to satisfy your sweet tooth, but the spirit of the holiday may compel you to dig right into a huge bowl of sugary bounty. Set out with a plan to moderate your family’s candy intake well before the sea of brightly colored wrappers is staring you right in the face.

Tips to keep candy consumption under control

  • Enjoy your treats on Halloween eve, giving away as much of the leftovers as possible.
  • Freeze as much of the candy as possible.
  • Decide in advance on your daily consumption (or number of calories, if you are really ambitious) and be consistent.
  • Drink two glasses of water before indulging to limit your hunger and cravings.
  • Keep in mind that New Years is less than nine weeks away and there are plenty of other holiday temptations in the next two months.
  • Stick to mini or fun size versions instead of the regular or king size.

Try these smaller, less caloric options

3 Musketeers® Mini Bar 24 calories 0.7g fat
3 Musketeers® Fun Size Bar 70 calories 2g fat
Milky Way® Mini 38 calories 1.5g fat
Milky Way® Fun Size 80 calories 3g fat
Kit Kat® Mini 42 calories 2.2g fat
Kit Kat® Snack Size 70 calories 3.7g fat
Nestle Crunch® Mini 50 calories 2g fat
Nestle Crunch® Fun Size 70 calories 3g fat
York® Pumpkin Peppermint Pattie 50 calories 1g fat
Nerds® Mini Box 50 calories 0g fat
Swedish Fish® Treat Size 55 calories 0g fat
Sour Patch Kids® Treat Size 55 calories 0g fat
Milk Duds® Snack Size 53 calories 2g fat
Skittles® Fun Size 60 calories 0.7g fat
Junior Mints® Snack Size 80 calories 1.5g fat
Butterfinger® Snackerz Fun Size 75 calories 3.5g fat

Have a happy and healthier Halloween!