Watch out this Halloween: It’s not just the kids’ teeth and bellies that are negatively affected by the trick-or-treating tradition. Adults often consume more than half of all the candy distributed on Halloween night.

Chocolate is a common Halloween favorite, and one of the most potentially damaging to a healthy diet. One mini candy bar (about 2 inches long) is recommended to satisfy your sweet tooth, but the spirit of the night may compel you to dig right into a huge bowl of sugary bounty. Set out with a plan to moderate your family’s candy intake well before the sea of brightly colored wrappers is staring you right in the face.

Six tricks to keep candy consumption under control

  1. Enjoy your treats on Halloween eve, giving away as much of the leftovers as possible.
  2. Freeze as much of the candy as possible for portioned enjoyment in the future.
  3. Decide in advance on your daily consumption (by number of candies or number of calories) and be consistent.
  4. Drink two glasses of water before indulging to limit your hunger and cravings.
  5. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other holiday temptations in the next two months.
  6. Stick to mini or fun size versions instead of the regular or king sizes.

Try these smaller, lower calorie candy options:

3 Musketeers Mini 24 calories 0.7g fat
3 Musketeers Fun Size 63 calories 2g fat
Milky Way Mini 38 calories 1.5g fat
Milky Way Fun Size 80 calories 3g fat
KIT KAT Mini 18 calories 2g fat
KIT KAT Snack Size 70 calories 3.6g fat
Twix Mini 50 calories 2.6g fat
Twix Fun Size 80 calories 5g fat
Candy Corn (14 pieces) 100 calories 0g fat
Tootsie Roll Mini 23 calories 0g fat
Peanut M&M’S Fun Size Bag 90 calories 5g fat
Regular M&M’S Fun Size Bag 73 calories 3.3g fat
Charms Blow Pop 60 calories 0g fat
Skittles Fun Size Bag 60 calories 0.7g fat
Butterfinger Mini 45 calories 2g fat
Butterfinger Snack Size 100 calories 4g fat


Have a happy and healthier Halloween!